Electrical Utilities



Keeping tandems, trains, planes, ships and everything else running smoothly means improved efficiency for the transporter, lower costs for consumers and a cleaner environment and safer roads for us all. Far beyond squeaky wheels getting the grease, we know moving goods and people from place to place involves much more than keeping wheels turning. Gears, pulleys, cranes, forklifts, ramps, loading docks, elevators – the list is endless and so are the demands to be met.

With Jet-Lube’s line of products – we can meet existing demands and assist our customers in facing new challenges presented by new technologies and growing consumer and environmental expectations.

Jet-Lube of Canada Ltd. has a wide variety of both general-purpose and specialized products to service the transportation industry. From automotive to locomotive, aerospace and marine – helping our customers select the best products for their applications is what we do.