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JET-LUBE SILICONE SPRAY Lubricant provides high-performance lubrication and corrosion protection, in a quick-drying no-mess formula.

Silicone is non-reactive to most substances, and will maintain a slick low-friction surface in extreme temperature ranges that does not oxidize.

These same qualities make it an excellent product for lubrication of parts used in hostile work or machine environments.

Silicone Spray

Industrial Grade Lubricant

Silicone Spray


Silicone Spray Lubricant is a professional formula that is safe for use on metal, rubber, wood, or vinyl and electrical parts. It is excellent lubricant for applications in wet environments such as automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, mining, oil & gas or valve maintenance.




Lubrication of doors, locks, hinges, drawers, windows, tools, latches, switches, linkages, valves, pulleys, air conditioners, fans, chains, belts, sport equipment, machine works and more, while protecting electrical parts such as distributors, ignition wires, spark plugs, and more. It can also be used around the home for gardening equipment and sporting goods such as fishing and hunting equipment.


Part #
Operating Range
300 g aerosol
50741 -17°C to 177°C
0°F to 350°F
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