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JET-LUBE EZY-PAK #120 is a general purpose packing compound that can be pumped into internal voids in valves and other equipment with a high pressure lubricator. Under pressure, EZY-PAK #120 will conform to the shape of any void to form a gasket or seal.


EZY-Pak™ #120

General Purpose Packing Compound

Ezy Pak 120


EZY-PAK #120 is formulated with hydrocarbon resistant vegetable oils, polymers, inert fillers and high temperature fibers blended to produce a dough-like packing compound. EZY-PAK #120 is our most economical injectable packing compound. It is best pumped through an injection valve with a 1/8" or larger bore, but can also be pumped (with more effort) through giant buttonhead fittings.


EZY-PAK #120 can be used in any oilfield, industrial or marine application in which an injectable packing is desired to fill an internal void. It is hydrocarbon and water resistant and provides excellent sealing capability when injected into valve bonnets, stuffing boxes, and other areas requiring packing.

Part #
Operating Range
97581 J-Stick 97581 -18°C to 490°C
0°F to 750°F
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