Jet-Lube Canada

Jet-Lube has a full line of Lubricating Compounds for almost every device and mechanism you can think of – and if we have missed one you need, we can work with you to formulate exactly the one to keep you going - just ask us!




AX-2 - Valve Lubricant

CC-Lube - Multi-Purpose Semi-Synthetic Lubricant Eco-Certified Product

Gear Guard - Paste Lubricant

Moly Mist - (MoS2) Dry Film Lubricant

MP-50 - Low Friction Moly Paste

OGH - Open Gear Lubricant

Silicone Compound DM - Moisture Proofing Sealant & Lubricant

WLD - Wire Rope, Cable & Roller Chain Dressing & Lubricant

WRL - Wire Rope Chain & Lubricant