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Logging and Harvesting Operations rely on the equipment to keep working in all kinds of conditions. Dust, dirt, mud, heat and frigid cold cannot deter these operations. Jet-Lube has a lubricant and grease for every segment of your operation - from chainsaws to cable lines, to help you cut downtime.




Forestry - Logging


12/34 - Lubricant, Penetrant and Coating
Alco-EP - Premium Multi-Purpose Grease
Gear-Guard - Paste Open Gear Lubricant
Jet-Plex EP - Lithium Complex Multi-Purpose Grease

Kopr-Kote HT - High Temperature Anti-Seize


Moly-Mist - Dry Film Lubricant
OG-H - Open Gear Lubricant
Petro-Tape - PTFE Thread Seal Tape
Silicone Spray - Industrial Grade Lubricant
TF-15 - Thread Sealing Compound