Jet-Lube Canada

Downhole, Stringline or Power Tongs - Jet-Lube has the Greases, Lubricants and Thread Sealants to get the job done and keep the system operating at peak performance.




#21 - Drill Pipe Compound
API-Modified - Thread Compound
Extreme - Thread Compound
J-75 - Lead Free Drill Steel Lubricants
Jet-Lok II - Two Part Epoxy Thread Lock
Kopr-Kote - Copper/Graphite Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compound
Korr Guard - Storage Compound
Kov'r-Kote - Nonmetallic Tool Joint Compound/Sealant


LBX-Special - Tool Joint Compound
NCS-30 - Nonconductive Thread Compound
Seal-Guard ECF - Premium Thread Compound Eco-Certified Product
TF-15 - Heavy Duty PTFE Thread Sealant

Thread Shield - Thread Compound
Well Guard - Monitor Well Thread Compound Eco-Certified Product

WGS - Wireline Grease Sealant
Z-50 - Pipe Dope Tool Joint Compound