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- The New Chlorine






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Sterilene - The New Chlorine

Unicid - Mineral Scale Remover



Jet-Lube has aquired Design Water Technologies - a leading manufacturer of a new generation of chemicals for the Water Well and Pipeline industries.

A new generation of chemicals.

  1. Their engineers have over 40 years of field experience solving water problems in wells, pipelines, and systems.
  2. Their goal is to provide safe, innovative products that solve real problems to the Groundwater Industry.
  3. They are the only company that designs, manufactures, markets, and provides technical service for their own products

STERILENE – Replaces standard chlorine and no premixing with vinegar

SterileneSterilene™  is 200 times more effective at removing the environment for coliform bacteria in wells and pipelines without premixing and control of pH. No oxidizer labels. ... and is price competitive with standard chlorine.


UNICID CATALYST – Water Well Treating Additive

Unicid CatalystA liquid organic, slightly acidic formulation with polymer dispersants. Effectively dissolves blockage in wells, systems, and water tanks due to mineral scale, slime forming bacteria and the oxides created by the decaying bacteria. Also suspends the debris to be pumped from the well or system, as well as protects metal surfaces from corrosion.

UNICID GRANULAR – Water Well Treating Additive

Uicid GranularA granular acid that is a formulation of organic acids enhanced by chelates, dispersants, and inhibitors. Noncorrosive, safe for disposal and highly effective, it is significantly safer than traditional sulfamic acids yet has unique dissolving capabilities.


UNICID BULLETS – Water Well Treating Additive

Unicid BulletsLike UNICID GRANULAR it is a formulation of organic acids enhanced by chelates, dispersants, and inhibitors in a liquid encapsulation format.

pH NEUTRALIZE – Acid Neutralizer

pH NeutralizeAn extremely concentrated, slightly alkaline liquid with a controlled pH buffer. It is a naturally occurring mineral, readily usable by plant and animal life upon disposal. pH Neutralize will safely neutralize any acidic liquids with a specific dosage calculated by the volume and pH level of the acid being treated, without the danger of wildly varying pH levels.